New Rein Leather – Tapa Ojo Purse

Donated by New Rein Leather •

Shipping cost in the USA of $10 will be added to the final cost. Shipping outside of the US will be additional.

Medium Tapa Ojo Satchel
Dark Green Textured Hide.

10 wide x 11 in tall x 4 in deep, adjustable strap (short to crossbody)

This is a great lightweight bag that is soft, and fits A LOT if needed. It was great for travel – fit a wallet, sunglasses, an extra “miscellaneous stuff” bag, passport wallet, even a thin sweater! I tested the design out on my trip where we were out and about daily from 8 am to late evening…it was comfortable to wear all day and fit the necessities, plus room for more without being heavy. I added the back side cel pocket to these two. The side rings are great to clip a key change, or your NRL Secure Cel case to. Strap is an upcycled English Rein.

My new favorite “go-to” and for sure my favorite travel bag to date!

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